Pet Peeve #1: Infidelity

Nothing bothers me more than men and infidelity. Or just infidelity in general, because women are just as capable to cheat as men are.

But my anger and disgust are directed to a guy right now. So that’s why I’m slightly over-looking cheating women, at the moment.

But, I digress. This guy has a girlfriend. I’ve taken some time (not a lot, admittedly) to get to know her. She’s nice enough, but even just talking briefly with her, I can tell she’s head-over-heels for him, and really sweet. She cares. A lot.

Which is more than the cheating bastard deserves. He think that just because she live 30 miles (30 FREAKING MILES) away, he has the ability, the right, to sleep around on her.

And then he brags about it. What the flying mothafuckin’ hell?!!

You used to be a friend to me, but I’ve lost all respect. I can’t stand cheating. There’s no call, need, or pride in it. It is probably my #1 pet peeve.

I hope he ends up alone. That sounds really mean, but really? Is it? Because he’s sleeping around on his girlfriend who is like devoted to him. Imagine how horrible she’s going to feel when she finds out. :( I feel for her.